Web Ordering Customer Guide


Web Ordering is Spitfire’s online ordering system that can currently be used to create quotes and place orders for the following services:

  • xDSL Circuits
  • Analogue Lines
The below is a guide on how to create a quote, complete the supplementary information and then submit an order.

If you have previously created an account and saved a quote then you can access the Login screen from the Account Login drop down menu in the top right corner on the Spitfire website home page – selecting the Web Ordering option.

Account Drop Down

Account Login

From the welcome screen if you have used the system before then you can Login straight away to view previously saved quotes and start the order process.

If you have not used the portal before then the first thing to do is enter a postcode in the box provided to check availability for the product selected on the Spitfire website – click ‘Search’

Postcode Search Box

Availability Check

Once a postcode has been searched you will be presented with a list of available addresses – please select the one which matches most closely to your site by scrolling through the list and clicking on an address.

The result of the availability check will then be shown on the next screen with an estimate of the speed that may be supported on a BT phone line at the address selected. Note that this is for indicative purposes only.

To continue click either ‘Login’ or ‘New User’.

If your chosen product is not available then the following screen will appear advising as such and you will be presented with a list of alternative products that are available at your location.

Either click the ‘Quote/Order Now’ button next to the preferred product or alternatively click the ‘Go to our marketing site’ button to return to the Spitfire website for more information before making a decision.

Create a new user

When the ‘New User’ button is clicked you will be taken to the following screen. Enter the information requested and then click ‘Continue’.

Register form

Begin Quotation Process

After creating a New User or Logging In to the portal click ‘Begin Quotation Process’ to proceed to build a quote for the product selected.

Note that you are allocated a unique user reference code (WUC number) in the top right hand corner of the screen, which can be quoted if speaking with our staff for assistance at any time on 020 7501 3333.

Begin quotation screenshot

Quotation Selection

Confirm your selection by clicking ‘Create a new quote’

Create New Quote Screenshot

New Quotation

You will be presented with a number of options which will allow you to customise your requirements for your chosen product or service. These include contract length, router requirement and Support levels.

Scroll down the page and use the radio buttons next to each item to select the preferred option and then when finished click on ‘Add to New Quote’ at the bottom of the screen.

Connection and Equipment – choose between a brand new connection or whether you would like to migrate an existing broadband from another provider to Spitfire. Select whether you would like a 12 or 24 month term and if you would like us to supply a router or not.

Connection and Equipment Screenshot Totals

If you do not wish to obtain a quote for the product selected then click ‘Cancel & Return’

If you are updating a previously saved quote then make the necessary amendments and then click ‘Recalculate’ to update the quotation and then click ‘Add to Quote’

Quotation Overview

Following the selection of your preferred product options your quote is assigned a unique QTH reference number and you will be shown the quotation overview page.

To progress with an order you will be shown a number of messages in red with any information that needs to be completed. Click on these to be directed through to the form requiring completion.

Other information may also be viewed as described below:

  1. QTH Quote Reference Number
  2. Progress messages – click here to complete the required information
  3. Sites & Contacts – click to review delivery address and contact details
  4. Good & Services/Supplementary Info – click to review product lines selected
  5. Terms & Conditions – click to review payment terms
  6. Notes – click to review Provisioning note related to an order placed
  7. Return to Quote List – click to go back to quotation list summary page
  8. Print – prints a copy of the quotation
  9. Print Supplementary Information
  10. Add Product – click to add another product to your order
  11. Order Value Total – summary of the one off and recurring monthly rental charges
  12. Order Status Tracker – shows the order progress by date

Updating Supplementary Information

Once you have created a quote, to place an order you must complete your contact details and also the Supplementary Information which includes how you would like your circuit configured.

First click on the ‘Goods & Services/Supplementary Info’ link or alternatively the message shown in red at the top of the screen as shown below.


You will then see a breakdown of the product quotation. A number of ‘Supplementary Info’ buttons will be shown down the right hand side – please click each of these in turn so as to complete all of the required supporting information for your order.

Supplementary Info Screenshot

Each Supplementary Information page will ask for confirmation on contact, delivery and installation details. Terms and conditions relating to each element are also shown for your information.

Please complete these and then click on ‘Save as Complete’ to return to the above screen. If you do not have all of the information available then click ‘Save as WIP’ – this will save your progress and allow you to return at a later date to complete it.

Supplementary Info save buttons screenshot

As you progress through this information the status of the buttons will be updated from

  • Red: No information yet been confirmed
  • Amber: Information has been partially completed
  • Green: Information has been fully completed
Supplementary info RAG status screenshot

Once these have been fully completed then click on any other messages that remain, shown in red, to update any final information which is required to progress the order.

Supplementary Info mesages screenshot

Starting the order process

Once all the required information has been completed a message will be displayed in purple as shown below confirming that you are now ready to submit the order online. Click on this message or alternatively the ‘Start Order Process’ button to begin.

Start Order Process Screenshot

Thank you for using Spitfire Web Ordering!

If you have any further questions about this process please contact us on 020 7501 3333 or by email at enquiry@spitfire.co.uk